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These years as the country to support the development of infrastructure, crushing and screening also will be booming, prompting all kinds of rapid replacement of crusher machine, but the moment the ideal equipment of crushing equipment still push the cone crusher based.

Must be used in the quarry to the crushing and screening equipment, cone crusher is one of the most widely used, because of practical, high efficiency, and has a high abrasion resistance and low the latter part of maintenance, the main quarry crushing equipment. The cone crusher is a set of crushing speed, eccentricity from the perfect combination of high performance crushing cavity design, broken than large, high production efficiency, laminated principles into equipment, to improve the proportion of fine material and cube content really flaky lion reducing uniform grain shape.

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YIFAN Machinery cone crusher has a crushing chamber type, can be used for secondary crushing, crushing in aggregate crushing process of crushing as well as ultra-fine crushing a variety of different specifications, with a high degree of flexibility with thin oil lubrication and hydraulic protection hydraulic cavity clearing system, to improve the life of the equipment also makes the device easy to use, simple maintenance, eliminating the need for on-time maintenance time and maintenance cost savings for customers. YIFAN Machinery is known for its excellent quality of the equipment, there are numerous quarries, concentrator and gravel plants customers Yifan Machinery cooperation, the introduction of the Yifan mechanical cone crusher crushing processing materials, produced aggregate widely used with a variety of infrastructure.

YIFAN Machinery cone crusher with a powerful crushing power, production efficiency, stable performance won the recognition and support of our customers, to prove the reliability of this the sails mechanical equipment to customers with their own strength.

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