The cone crusher technology

When cone crusher is running, Fixed Cone along with the vertical axis driven through the eccentric bushings, eccentric bushings towards the horizontal axis and also the bevel gear and lever they are driving. Triangular in the motor lever belt transmission. Vertical Axis eccentric sleeve in to the bottom, once the eccentric sleeve rotation, the shaft to attract a cone surface. So Cone getting around in the fixed cone shall crushed ore. In the lower and upper chassis made up of two parts, connected by bolts. Bolt on kits inside a strong spring, when spring may be the role of metal or any other hard objects in to the crushing chamber, won’t damage breakers. Sometimes cone crusher is by using oil (or water) discharge device to adjust how big mouth.

cone crusher

Ore in the mine mouth with the allocation of disk in to the machine, and distribution vertical shaft was installed ultimately, because of the vertical axis rotation, and access to vibration, uniform distribution from the ore within the cone around. With the aid of the Toggle handle and hinge, the cone isn’t moving upward or downward, to manage the relieve the mouth width. Steel with the various are produced, dynamic cone and glued cone face laced with manganese steel lining to safeguard the cone from put on, worn lining could be changed, the alternative, the lining between your cone and put melted Lead close bond together.  Chronology cone crusher, known as short mind cone crusher, or known as “circular grinding.” With damaged cone crusher within the same fundamental structure, the only real difference is based on dynamic cone and glued cone different shapes. Short mind cone crusher dynamic cone and glued cone than shorter, and also the parallel between your two cone having a lengthy, and that i to mine discharge mouth is comparatively small, therefore the products could be relatively small (5-10 mm).
cone crusher

Additionally towards the standard mind – and short-cone crusher, but additionally together, namely the main difference between your medium-sized cone crusher you can use may also be used within the damaged chronology. Standard, medium-sized, short mind cone crusher The primary difference may be the crushing chamber profile different shapes. Therefore, towards the mine discharge particle size and particle size will also be different.

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