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With the development of the mining road, cone crusher became the required equipment, the wide range of uses of the crusher machine. According to the the modern operational processes and process requirements cone crusher for gravel crushing process for crushing, grinding, and other equipment tedious. Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional cone crusher manufacturers constantly updated product technology as the technology gradually upgrading and development of hydraulic cone crusher, spring cone crusher, cone crusher upgrade to achieve a new road of development of the mining machinery industry.

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In-depth research of the material characteristics of the slag and combine the the crushing principle developed new composite cone crusher, the cone crusher is developed specifically for high hardness materials, reliable operation, superior performance, according to the feed particle size of the slag and finished Specifications asked to select a different type of crushing chamber for primary crushing, secondary crushing, fine crushing and super fine crushing processing of slag. Cone Crusher Yifan produced can replace the one hand, the fine jaw crusher finished size can reach a very small production yield, high efficiency, and cone crusher is suitable for hard rock crushing, plus wearing parts less, greatly increased the cost of the crusher operators.

YIFAN production of the main components of the cone crusher by hybrid dynamic cone and fixed cone, motor, drive shaft, eccentric sets, distribution panel, spring safety device. The basic principle of its work through the mixed action of the face between the conical round roller with the fixed conical crushing wall near generated RCC role to the stone crushing. In innovative development, enterprise continuous innovation, product innovation, marketing innovation in all aspects of the production process innovation, enterprise management innovation, corporate culture innovation. Each of these forms of innovation, will give enterprises an injection of fresh vitality, produce some kind of new, unique value, bringing a steady stream of power, promote enterprise change stereotypes, to keep the better and stronger development. The company in a step by step development and growth cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, mobile crushing plant, construction waste disposal equipment constantly in the development of the industry towards the development of peak.

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