Indonesia Asphalt concrete association central plains trip

Indonesia Asphalt concrete association central plains trip--Xingyang Government and Zhengzhou YiFan gave warm reception
At 7:00 pm on November 25, 2012,Zhengzhou YiFan Machinery Co.,Ltd. held a dinner banquet in Xingyang Hotel, for the purpose of welcoming   Asphalt Concrete Association to visit YIFAN. There were 22 people leaded by secretary-general Mr. BENNY DJUTRISNO to visit YIFAN. This activity achieved high-level support of Xingyang municipal government leadership,and Xingyang mayor Mr.Fang. mayor Mr.Zhang etc..the government leaders accepted the invitation to attend dinner banquet.

secretary general of Indonesia Asphalt and Concrete Association
Xingyang mayor Mr.Fang made a speech at the dinner banquret. He said the visiting of the delegation proved that the excellent Xingyang enterprises taking Zhengzhou YIFAN for epresentative set up the friendship bridge between Xingyang and Indonesia and other countries and regions of the world.He hopes that this activity can make overseas friends know more about Xingyang and the excellent enterprises like Zhengzhou YiFan Machinery Co.,Ltd.Mr.Fang expressed that we would grasp this opportunite to develop the bilateral friend relations actively,and did our best to support and guide local enterprises to go out inland and step to the world.

Zhengzhou YiFan Machinery Co.,Ltd. also made a welcoming speech,he introduced the development of YIFAN in recent years,he wish Zhengzhou YIFAN and the Indonesia enterprises can cooperate to realize win-win situation.Later delegation representative Mr.BENNY DJUTRISNO made a speech to thank for the warm reception of Xingyang government and Zhengzhou YiFan Machinery Co.,Ltd. At last,all the people cheered for the successful conclusion of visiting activity.
The visiting to Zhengzhou YiFan Machinery Co.,Ltd. is the important bridge of promoting XingYang to carry out international association and cooperationand strengthen overseas enterprises know more about Xingyang and local enterprises,this will promote better and fasterthe economic development.

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