Indonesia Asphalt and Concrete Association Members visiting

On the date of 20th November we-China YiFan Machinery Company invite some special visitors who are from Indonesia Asphalt and Concrete Association(AABI) come to our company for visiting.

indonesia visitor

As China YiFan has explore the Indonesia market for a long time, and our stone crusher machine has been in everywhere in Indonesia, more and more customers want to know how about China YiFan and his product. So now they all come to our company to take a visit, and we also make a warmly welcome dinner and a seminar for them.

indonesia visitor

In the dinner we also invite our Deputy Mayor-Mr.Fang Benxuan to come, and he gave a speech that China YiFan is a important exporting company of this city, we have make a big export value which is more than 10 million US dollar every year, except the directly exporting we also have sold many stone crushers to aboard through many trading companies. This time hope our Indonesia guests can make a nice visiting here, and hope China YiFan can be more and more successful in Indonesia market in the future.

The general secretary of AABI-Mr.Benny Djutrisno also has gave a speech that thank you for the inviting and welcome from China YiFan, this time visiting China YiFan has make a very nice image for him, YiFan product has entre to Indonesia for a long time, he believe after this visiting we can make a good and long cooperation in the future.

In the morning of 21th November all the visitors come to YiFan to take the Crushing Seminar in the 4th floor of China YiFan Office Building, especially the Hydraulic Cone Crusher and Mobile Crushing Plant take the biggest interesting. YiFan’s engineers make best answers and projects solving to them, and take them to go around in our workshop to see our manufacture details.

After that all the visitors are very satisfy about YiFan’s product and service, we all believe in the coming year YiFan will develop Indonesia market better and better.

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