China to build industrial zones in eastern RI

Chinese government has planned to expand its business presence in Indonesia by constructing several large industrial zones in the eastern part of Southeast Asia's largest economy.

Indonesia Industry Minister MS Hidayat said on Monday that both the governments of Indonesia and China were currently discussing the latter's plans to build economic zones in the former’s eastern regions.

"The Chinese government plans to build industrial zones in three or four locations in eastern Indonesia with spaces of 5,000 hectares for each zone," he said at the ministry's year-end press conference in Jakarta.

One of the Chinese government's plans was to relocate the country's mineral industries to one of the planned zones in Indonesia, according to Hidayat, who did not divulge specifics on the proposed zones.

The Indonesian government, he said, expected to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Chinese government for the plans in March 2013 with China’s newly installed prime minister.

Hidayat said the scheme was in line with the Indonesian government’s target to boost investment in the eastern part of the country as well as to ensure equitable development across the nation.

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