YIFAN cone crusher easily deal high hard slag materials

Slag is the generated solid waste in the mining, beneficiation and smelting process. It belongs to the relatively high hardness of the stone, and containing a strong acid ingredients, highly corrosive. For slag crushing, grinding process requires the device must have a strong acid resistance, made of corrosion resistant material. In such cases, YIFAN Machinery is the first to develop a series of strong wear-resistant, large crushing ratio, corrosion-resistant new crusher machine - new cone crusher.

hydraulic cone crusher

The cone crusher after YIFAN machinery professional and technical personnel of the physical characteristics of the slag-depth research and testing, successfully developed by grinding principle. The new cone crusher combined with the advantages of old-fashioned CC cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher, and have efficient crushing, crushing processes for high hardness, crushing hard, corrosive materials. In addition, the construction of the device stable operation, integrated high-performance, can also according to customer slag particle size set different processing methods. Users can be deployed according to the situation broken high efficiency, uniform particle size, grain shape and long service life crushing chamber type.

With the rapid economic and social development, the continued growth in demand for mineral resources, slag recycling, will be one the country's plans.In addition, the cone crusher not only for the development of the device itself process strictly, the equipment accessories using the newly developed high wear ferrochrome accessories. Businessmen are not only improve the added value of production, on the other hand, reduce the purchase accessories inputs can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

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