Select different crusher machine for ore crushing

As we all know, we should select the appropriate ore crusher machine for ore crushing process. The compressive strength, wear strength and humidity of the ore is different, for crusher equipment requirements is also have great different.

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For the compressive strength is relatively weak ore, such as shale, rock salt, gypsum, anthracite, ordinary marl, broken sandstone cemented conglomerate, rocky soil, broken shale, do not need to be crushed use a jaw crusher, can selection of hammer crusher, roll crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, compound crusher. There are also some medium hardness ore, such as clay rocks, sturdy limestone, sandstone, density marl, etc., those ores can be broken by jaw crusher, hammer Crusher, also available roll crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, have a wide range of optional.

Then for very sturdy detailed toughness quartzite, basalt, granitic rocks, quartz porphyry, sandstone, limestone, iron ore, quartz veins, conglomerate, magnesium ore, marble, dolomite, pyrite,siliceous shale, shale caused sandstone, how do we choose high hardness ore crusher equipment? Generally, we need to select the strong crushing capacity of crushing equipment, such as sand maker and cone crusher.

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