YIFAN impact crusher is ideal limestone crusher

Limestone is a common rock, limestone reserves is very rich in our country, mainly in Shaanxi, Anhui, Guangxi and other provinces and autonomous regions. The limestone crushing an activity behavior since ancient times, one of the human civilization. Modern limestone crushing formation of an industry, and to ensure the smooth progress of the downstream industry. Limestone coarse crushing equipment, we generally choose jaw crusher, Jaw crusher feed opening large, the unique crushing principle, making it become the best coarse crushing equipment.

impact crusher
impact crusher

Based on the specific uses of limestone, in crushing stage, we may use different crushing equipment. Because the hardness of the limestone is relatively low, general equipment is hammer crusher and impact crusher.

Front-end in the production of cement, limestone needs to be broken, undertake this task is the hammer crusher, hammer crusher is a box crusher and use the grate control discharge size.

However, among the stone production, we are rarely used hammer crusher, because whether the crushing efficiency or wearable of Impact Crusher all higher than the hammer crusher. The impact crusher is usually have two to three crushing chamber, the hammer and impact plate shaping and crushing the material, but the hammer crusher just take advantage of the impact of the hammer. The Impact Crusher greatly enhance the production efficiency, but the key point is that the impact crusher to produce stone cube content, low content of flakiness, precisely in line with the quality coarse aggregate.

The YIFAN impact crusher is ideal crusher in limestone stone production equipment, standard highway materials processing equipment. YIFAN Machinery is professional manufacturer of Impact Crusher. YIFAN Machinery offers all kinds of rock crusher and design complete set of limestone crushing plant process according to the requirements of customers. YIFAN Machinery impact crusher and other crusher machine have exported to many countries around the world.

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