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Impact Crusher is one of the most common device in the mining equipment, excellent processing power it has been a great welcome, but in the operations, the crusher will encounter many problems, the course of their work bearing over temperature is one of the most common problems. In order to solve this problem to our customers, YIFAN Machinery will take the detail about the impact crusher bearing over temperature reasons, troubleshooting, maintenance for everyone:

impact crusher

1. Grease excessive or inadequate;
2. Grease dirty;
3. Bearing damage.
Exclude way:
1. Check the grease, the grease should be covered 50% of the volume of the bearing housing;
2. Cleaning bearings, replace the grease;
3. Replace the bearings.
Routine maintenance methods:
1. Required according to the instructions, the bearings need to lubricating regularly;
2. Regularly clean up the hole, tank clog;
3. Removing the rack bearing cap, the lock firmly the adapter bushing and remove the flywheel or sheave, replace it with a new adapter bushing;
The above detailed description, I believe you can easily solve it when faced with the problem of the impact crusher bearing over temperature. I hope the above presentation can give you some help! Whenever you need help, please feel free to contact us through “Live Chat” system to get more info about crusher machine, and we are here to offer service to you.

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