PF1315 and PF1520 impact crusher-- Granite stone buster

Granite is the magma deep underground by condensation and the formation of acidic igneous, part of the granite is magmatic and sedimentary rocks metamorphosed gneisses or migmatization rock. Granite second only to diamond in hardness, durable, clearly is an ideal material for the production of wall and ground floor.
This greatly increases the requirements of the granite crusher, therefore, YIFAN Machinery grand launch of the PF1315 impact crusher and PF1520 impact crusher to customers. Both crushers are YIFAN professional new crusher for granite crushing, in addition, these two crusher machine can also be applied to the stone crushing, silica crushing, glass stone crushing and many other fields.

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Features of PF1315 impact crusher and PF1520 impact crusher:
1. The backplane of the rotor can withstand the impact of a high moment of inertia and rotor hammer crushing force.
2. The PF1315 impact crusher and PF1520 impact crusher optimized design into a low-speed, multi-crushing cavity impact crusher, the linear velocity of 20% -25% lower than the average impact crusher, to achieve high production capacity with low power consumption.
3. The PF1520 impact crusher has three-stage crushing and shaping functions, thus large crushing ratio cubic shape, optional crushing and other advantages.
4. Reasonable board hammer structure, with loading and unloading faster, more transposition, etc., can greatly shorten the time for change board hammer.
5. New manufacturing technology, successfully developed a high wear resistance, high toughness of chromium, molybdenum, vanadium alloy material to solve the problem of hard materials broken and greatly improving the life of the board hammer.
6. Unique counter tooth plate, keyless connection.
7. PF1315 impact crusher with a multi-function hydraulic station, multi-function of hydraulic high-speed discharge gap, the stable damping as well as the body of the back plate is automatically opened.

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