The Technological Advantages of HCP Series Impact Crusher

To meet with the increasingly high demands from customers and the stringent environmental requirements, Yifan renovates the old series impact crusher into new ones-HCP Series Impact Crusher. With great research ability and continuous pursue of innovation, the new HCP Series Impact Crusher have the following incomparable advantages:

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1) The HCP Impact Crusher is applicable for crushing soft and mid-hard materials
The blow bar of impact crusher takes use of mechanical clamping structure firmly fixing on the rotor, great inertia generated when rotating with the rotor. So the rotor of impact crusher is with more large momentum, that is why the impact crusher suitable to crush mid-hard materials.
2) The particle size of the products can be convenient and flexible adjusted and with a wide adjustment range
The HCP Impact Crusher has multi-types of cavity and can adjust the particle size through varieties of ways, such as regulating the speed of the rotor, adjusting the gap between the impact plate and the grinding chamber. Without the third chamber, namely the grinding chamber, the final product size will be more cubic and less powder produces with two cavities. While with grinding chamber, the product size will be finer.
The adjustment of the gap includes mechanical and hydraulic adjustment. In the hydraulic control system, you can easily operate the button or haul system on site to complete the adjustment of the gap. 
3) The quick-wear part of the impact crusher is less
The worn of an impact crusher's hammer plate only appear in the facing material side. When the rotor speed is normal, the feeding materials will drop to the surface of hammer plate, the back and the side of the hammer panels will not be worn. And the grinding rod at bottom is also very easy to replace. 
4) The Hydraulic Opening Device makes the spare parts easy to replace, which correspondingly reduce the maintenance costs
The Hydraulic Opening Device releases the workers from manual opening the rear case. There are only four rotor hammer installing on the impact crusher and special tools provided to make the hammer replacement easily. 
5) The newest and reasonable design of leveling plate making charge finer and cubic without interior cracks. Also, new anti-abrasive material makes longer serve life of blow bar, impact plate and liner.
6) Low and big feed opening makes the production line easy to arrange and increase the size of feeding material.

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