The Crushing of Gold Ore

Gold ore’s compressive strength is very high ,which belongs to hard rock. Hence,its crushing need strong crusher which has the relative high crushing force. The crushing of the gold ore is generally using jaw crusher for primary crushing, standard cone crusher  for intermediate crushing, and short head type cone crusher for fine crushing. It can be seen in two-stages of crushing that cone crushers both play particularly important roles. It directly determines the crushed gold ore particle size, which for its subsequent processing is essential. 
Here,I would like to recommend you a terrific hydraulic cone crusher - SMH Series Hydrulic Cone Crusher. It is designed and made by YiFan after absorbing the world advanced crushing technology ,which has gotten to world advanced level. It is widely used in metallurgical,building industry, water and electricity construction, chemical industry, etc. to crush hard and above hard  rocks,which’s superior performance is well received by majority of customers.

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SMH Series Hydrulic Cone Crusher has the follow outstanding advantages: 
(1). Optimized and Various Cavities
Under the same diameters of mantle, the crushing stroke is longer and the crushing ration is bigger. Laminated crushing function can be fully realized with full load, which can ensure reliable composition and good shape of final sizes. And there are types of cavity are for wide range of product size requirement.
(2). Safe and Reliable Operation 
YiFan SMH Series Cone Crusher adopts hydraulic pressure locking, overloads protection. When some unbreakable foreign materials enter the crushing cavity, hydraulic system can release the impact force gently to protect the mainframe and the discharge opening will go back to the original place after the foreign materials are discharged . If cone crusher is stopped with load, the whole-new hydraulic cylinder of double functions clears the materials in the cavity,and then the discharge opening goes back to the original place. Compared with the traditional CC cone crusher, the hydraulic cone crusher will be even safer and faster, which will save stop time,and also the cost. 

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