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In crushing and screening area,one company want to develop,there must be a philosophy,only in this way can the factory in good conditions,that's why YIFAN Machinery can  growing stronger every day.
Customer success,technical innovation,honest and responsible is YIFAN crusher machinephilosophy,as a member of the society,Yifan have proforming his responsibility in the crushing and screening industry,recently,Yifan is devote himself to the construction waste and also achieved great performance.Mr.chairman of China have been said" Technology is the first productivity",it has influenced Over Generations, YIFAN crusher machine is the Loyal advocates and practitioners,in every step of manufacture will feeling technology advanced,from flaw detection to stress relief heat treatment,from grease lubrication to automatic oil pressure lubrication,there are many examples can Interprete Yifan technical innovation.

impact crusher

Impact Crusher

Customers success is our YIFAN Machinery success,YIFAN  crushing and screening experts all experienced , they are professional which can solve the customers problem in Simple And Efficient way,before sale we will do competitive quotation and flow chate for customer reference,then according to the distance ,we will adjust the solutions in order to conform the demands of customers,then in the middle of sale we will design the packing plan and best port for our cilents,inform the change on time;after sale service ,YIFAN Machinery has established a national-wide after-service system,spare parts and wear partssupply system,and YIFAN Machinery own its own foundry plant which can provide high-quality wearparts to customers and reduce the use-cost of customer.
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