Basic demands about the application of building aggregate

Hello,everyone!Today I will introduce something about the basic demands about the application of building aggregate.
1.stone,gravel.They can be adopt to house-building,road-building,bridge-building,tunnel-building and dam-construction,for example,subgrade,dam,river bank and so on,this is all connect with protective enginnering.Ditches,drains,retaining wall,they will connect with building reinforcement engineering.Bridge, culvert,tunnel,dam,this projects will connect with secondary sewage enginnering.
2.crushing stone and screening stone,this kind is compose of different size of rubble and grait,appling in cement making, asphalt,gravel soil stabilization and various concrete and stable material.
3.decorative material.which is appling in various building anginnering bring beautiful and artist sence.

vertical shaft impact crusher

vertical shaft impact crusher in the stone crushing plant in Malaysia

The three kinds above is widely used around the world,today we focus on the gravel which is produce by machines,such as Jaw crusher,impact crusher,cone crusher and vertical shaft impact crusher,Auxiliary equipment is vibrating feeder and screen.
Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery Co.,Ltd is mainly produce the crushing and screening equipments in China,and sold to all over the world,because the high quality and good after sale service,Yifan has estiblished offices in more than ten countries,such as Zambia,middle east and so on.It is the SSGA VIP in China,have devoted the force to Sichuan where has a big earthquake,Yifan has support the desaster area by TECHNOLOGY.
Recently,Yifan put out a brand-new sand making machine,VC series sand making machine,it is adoopt the lubrication of thin oil,has a bigger capacity than VI,so more welcome by the market.
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