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As the expert of quarry industry, YIFAN not only provide the crushing and screening equipments, but also is up on every stage and details of quarry business. YIFAN has used its professional and complete service to prove its standing of quarry expert more than just the manufacturer of quarry equipments.
Here YIFAN would like to share the quarry business flow path with you.
STAGE 1: Applying for Mining Licenses and Quarry Site from the Government
Instructions: It takes months or even years for you to apply all necessary licenses from the government. You need to find your financial support as well.
Support need: Relevant documents and financial sources
STAGE 2: Mining and Blasting
Instructions: To mine the mountain, you need to drill holes on the mountain body, put in proper amount of dynamite, and blast huge mountain stones into pieces. 
Support need: driller, dynamite, experienced workers.
STAGE 3: Further Hammering Big Stones 
Instructions: Stone size may vary greatly after blasting. To get required input size for jaw crusher, you may need hydraulic hammer to further treat the big stones into smaller pieces. A hydraulic hammer is usu. installed on and driven by the excavator. 
Equipments need: hydraulic hammer, excavator.
STAGE 4: Loading and Transportation 
Instructions: Load all the stones onto the trucks and get transported to your quarry site. The truck discharges stones into the hopper of your crushing plant.
Equipments need: excavator, truck.
Stage 5: Crushing and Screening
Instructions: Dump the stones into crusher, after crushing and screening process, you get the aggregate you want.
Equipments need: crushing and screening machines.
Stage 6: Selling
Instructions: Loader puts the aggregate into buyer’s truck, after weighing, you could calculate and get the money the aggregate worth.
Equipment needs: Loader, electric weigh
Notice: Power:
Instructions: Given there don’t have stable electric power in Nigeria and generally speaking the quarry is remote, so the generator is strongly advised.
Equipments need: diesel generator
As shown above, we could provide you guide and service on all stages and details of the quarry business, and mainly manufacture and provide crushing and screening equipments. However if you have difficulties to get the other equipments the quarry need, we could help you find qualified manufacturer and even procure the other equipments and deliver to you. 
So, if only you are interested and want to invest in quarry business, please feel free to contact us through “Live Chat” system, and we are here to offer service to you.

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