Crushing and screening machine working principle and technica

Crushing and screening machines is Yifan Machinery developed a highly efficient performance crusher machine.The crusher machine working principle in the two rotating parts are mounted on the shaft broken teeth,and thus to force the material to achieve the appropriate crushing effect.Yifan machinery crushing and screening machines configured machine structure is simple,little weight,easy installation features.
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Crushing and screening machine with high crushing efficiency , large crushing characteristics . Drive part of the machine have two options, one is a single round , and the other is a two- axle drive , two designs for you to choose , to improve the performance of the machine is running .
Yifan crushing and screening machine production machine,the driving force behind the use of a hydraulic motor , and a unique gear design and improve the operational life of the machine. At the same time gave a wear plate machine configuration (using a special wear-resistant materials,to match its crushing teeth,improve the machine working life longer.
Yifan mechanical crushing and screening machine does not expensive , only the most appropriate , regarding the price of the device , please consult the website online customer service . Yifan Machinery is a professional manufacturer of production line , a dedicated system equipment, construction waste disposal equipment.Company developed crushing and screening machines can be used for mining, rock crushing , construction waste disposal equipment and other fields. Yifan brand, build crushing and screening equipment industry experts.

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