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Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery as China 's leading crushing and screening equipment, construction waste disposal solution provider , after years of precipitation quality and innovation to the forefront of the emerging crushing process , manufacturing philosophy, creating the industry 's growth model.
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Yifan Machinery can achieve today's success stems from continuous progress , superb technology, and dedicated service . Standards, innovation, quality , Yifan machinery over the years is to pursue the entrepreneurial spirit , with one mind customer service in exchange for peace of mind , peace of mind . Company focused on crushing equipment, screening equipment , sand making equipment, and construction waste disposal equipment and related production line development, peer in the industry , with such a large number of varieties and specifications of the enterprise are numbered. So Yifan Machinery committed to the development of efficient crushing various categories of products, to provide customers with the most economical overall solution of sand and gravel .
Yifan Machinery VC developed a new vertical shaft impact crusher, HC impact crusher crushing series of high-end equipment .Yifan machinery engineers can design according to your production needs , the use of these high-end devices , assembled into international advanced production line of sand , stone production line , which at the same time laying the Yifan machinery high production capacity and technological processes in the field of crushing machine and screening equipment level.

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