Mobile Crushing Plant--The Pioneer in green processing of construction waste

In recent years ,in order to promote construction, all parts of the country take bold and resolute measures to blow away the cobwebs by building subway lines,tearing down old houses,reconstructing city villages ,etc.More and more tall buildings are springing up, at the same time,construction waste has come into being .According to the statistics,around 100 million tons of construction waste were produced in Zhengzhou,in 2013. If so much waste were disposed by landfilling or stacking in the open air,say 10 metres high,it will take up thousands of acres of land ! These figures are increasing year by year . According to people concerned, the number of construction waste in our country has already accounted for 30%-40% of the total municipal waste,China has become the world's largest construction waste emissions in the world .New construction waste is expected to exceed 1 billion tons by 2020 !As to the recycling rate ,less than 10% in China while it reachs 90% abroad .There is no doubt that proper process of construction waste is becoming an important and practical problem on our way of urbanization in our country.

Currently,Most of construction waste is directly shipped to suburban ,buried randomly or stacked without proper handle. These disposal ways not only take up a lot of valuable farmland ,cost land expropriation fee ,garbage clean fee and other constuction fonds ,meanwhile,fly ashes and fugitive dusts scattered during the transportation have seriously affected the environment of the city .
mobile crushing plant

After long-term researching and studying,Yifan Machinery launched mobile crushing plant and a series of construction waste treatment facilities which are specially designed for the disposal of construction waste, the reusing rate after disposal can reach 90% or much higher , this well saved resouces,solved land taking up , living environment pollution and soil and water pollution problems .As pioneer in green processing of construction waste ,mobile crushing stations from Yifan Machinery are favored by customers at home and abroad .

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