Technology Upgrading Journey of Cone Crusher Machine

Compared with other crushers ,cone crusher is much younger .It wasn't officially used in industrial production untill 1927. In that early days, the production technology was limited,so the materials it produced was not pretty good . With social progress and development of technology ,crusher machine also embarked on a technology upgrading journey. 
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Let's first review the working principle of Cone crusher briefly .When the crusher works,the motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate  through the transmission gear ,and keeps the movable vertebrae moving in the crushing cavity ,close to the fixed vertebrae and then away from  the fixed one , circulate over and over again .Stones or rocks are crushed by repeated squeeze during this stage .And the crushed material will be discharged through the discharge mouth underneath .

Now we will talk about the technology upgrade of cone crusher machine .In the early time were all spring cone crushers ,since the late 1950s hydraulic cone crusher came into being which represented the manufacture technology reach a new level .Cone crusher has a great improvement in 1970s because of the apprearance of a big cone crusher SMG800 It has a upgrated interior design which means we can produce more cone crushers with different configurations.

Up to now,the technology upgrade is continue ,the current cone crushers use the best production material as well as abrasion-proof material which greatly prolong the life time . We firmly believe that the technology upgrade will keep going ,and will be farther and farther .

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