Right choice leads to the best performance of vibrating screen

The selection of vibrating screen is one of the most important problems that users concerned ,because this is directly related to the material quality . If the selection is inappropriate, it will not only increase unnecessary investment,but also affect the screening effect.So we should pay more attention to the selection issue incase unnecessary loss caused by improper selection .A suitable vibrating screen can be chosen based on its properties and your actual needs :

First,before you purchasing a vibrating screen ,you should make your purposes clear . Is your purpose removing impurities contained in the materials or filtering slurry ? For example, some customers use vibrating screen for screening materials of different particle sizes ,while some customers use it for classifying different grade materials .
vibrating screen

Secondly , your requirement for screening accuracy , temperature and dust-proof .If screening accuracy is high, you can use an ordinary high-frequency screen; if there are less stringent accuracy requirements, liner or mine vibrating screen are suitable . When screening ores from hot furnace, customers need to use hot vibrating screen to meet the requirements of high temperature. Some production plants have more stringent requirements, it is necessary to design the structure into seal or dust proof forms.

Besides ,the unique features of screening materials. Generally, massive, granular or powdery materials can choose a suitable model according to their screening output, size and mesh . But for some viscous or high moisture content materials, their suitable vibrating screens need to be designed particularly.

Furthermore , working hours and processing amount should be taken into consideration . During the selection process, users ' working time should be considered , Both liner and circular vibrating screen can be used for screening same materials, the specific selection depends on the users ' productivity.

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