Hydraulic technology applied in cone crusher

In recent years,hydraulic technology applied in crushing equipment has been further developed.Currently, hydraulic technology is mainly used to adjust mine throat and safety device that are difficult to be solved by ordinary crushers.

hydraulic cone crusher

At present,domestic hydraulic cone crusher produced by some suppliers are partially improved on the basis of spring cone crusher. Structurally,it mainly increases hydraulic lock cylinder and hydraulic driving cylinder.The former is used to fix support ring and adjusting ring.The latter is used to adjust mine throat.Its safety device continues to use spring safety device.Single cylinder on the bottom type is the development direction of hydraulic cone crusher.We can control the cone height by increasing or decreasing oil capacity in cylinder to realize adjusting mine throat.

The overload safety function of hydraulic cone crusher is realized by piston accumulator connected with the high pressure circuit under the hydraulic cylinder piston.Hydraulic cone crusher is a kind of high performance crushing equipment.With the advantages of simple structure,easy manufacture,convenient operation and automatic control,it is suitable for the secondary crushing and fine crushing of hard minerals.It can not only solve the difficulty of adjusting mine throat,but also improve the production capacity of crushing equipment. 

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