Granite crushing line configuration

Granite gravel is widely used building stone, this is due to the hard texture of granite, hard acid or weathering erosion, and granite is rich in resources, are widely distributed, China 9% of the land (about 80 million square kilometers)of granite rock, granite widely used in highways, railways, high-grade buildings, housing construction and other fields.

Granite stones according to stone specifications, respectively for the production of mortar, concrete, 1-2 ,2-4,4-8 are very common stone specifications. China's infrastructure development is not stopped, the granite stones in the market has been extremely popular, it became a major driving force of the mining machinery industry in China.

At present, the granite crushing  line equipment technology is quite mature. Zhengzhou YIFAN has production lines in domestic areas a lot of granite production customers the configuration of the project, granite crushing production process generally can choose to use two crushing production process, the first level to choose jaw crusher the second stage is impact crusher, can certainly use a circular vibrating screen sieve out the stones of a 1-2,2-4,4-8 different specifications to meet different building.

Impact crusher selection is very important, good impact crusher crushing ratio, good production results, the choice of the impact crusher board hammer is even more crucial, because the impact crusher board hammer is needed frequent replacement of wear parts, known as crusher "fast moving consumer goods", its quality directly affects the counter late-breaking maintenance costs, and recommend domestic well-known wear-resistant casting the production of large factories, Zhengzhou YIFAN production impact crusher board hammer, hammer crusher, jaw plate, grateboards, linings and other wear parts through customer use of contrast, highly respected, has won very good reputation.

In addition to granite crushing line, such as river pebble sand production line, limestone crushing plant, bluestone sand production line, sandstone crushing production line and other kinds of materials made of rubble stone, to meet the different needs of construction projects, such as the commonhousing construction can use the hardness is not very high limestone will be able to meet the requirements; roads, the Ministry of Construction of high Speed Rail will have to use the hardness of the larger pebbles aggregates, material properties do not, they need production technology, equipment onfiguration different. China's largest stone production line contractors Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery Sand and Gravel Project Department broken on a variety of materials production program has many years of extensive experience, according to the customer the size of the venue, the investment budget for the customer to configure the most economical and reasonable stone production line complete set of equipment.

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