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In recent years, with the sharp increase in the number of cement plants, limestone, its good functionality as the main raw material of construction and industry. With the deepening of the awareness of resource protection, the limestone efficient mining has become an important means of future industrial to sustainable development.

China is one of the limestone ore resource-rich countries of the world, However, in recent years in order to meet environmental protection, ecological balance, prevent soil erosion, tourist needs, in particular, is planned as China's small cities and towns continue to improve andimplementation, for the cement limestone crusher less and less conservation of limestone exploitation is to ensure that China's cement industry an important step to sustain development.

Cement plant is still using the traditional crusher mining and crushing limestone mine, due to the low device performance, and therefore can not disposable crushing to meet the requirements of the post-production of cement raw material particles, a last resort only in limestone crushing  line coupled with a piece of equipment for secondary crushing, and high costs. Yifan Machinery large-scale single-stage hammer crusher, Yifan after years of investigation and testing, developed specifically for the crushing characteristics of the cement plant limestone new crusher machine, the crusher biggest feature is the ability to achieve a one-time broken, and broken out of the limestone raw material is ideal for post-use, eliminating the cost of investment in the late re-broken.

Limestone is the major raw material for cement production, limestone resources dwindling, to improve the resource utilization of the limestone is the solution to the limestone and a shortage of a key step in the next few years, therefore, choose a new and efficient crusher equipment, sustainable limestone utilization.

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