Cone crusher to development towards the "smart broken"

The help of modern geometry design, the new model cone crusher with greater crushing force, the greater the structural strength of a proven technical excellence and the successful application of the concept of intelligent broken, making the new models in enhancing secondary and threelevel jobs in broken and crushing / pebble crushing applications have made a good application performance.

The new cone crusher adopts the special shelves for the operation of the broken shell and broken cavity is dedicated to the two broken. The two new crushers have greater power and crushing capacity to help improve the productivity of the mine continued. The machine spindle is made ??of new high-strength materials and new processes in a variety of harsh mining claims are better able to adapt to a variety of harsh working conditions, and under the rack on the same structure to strengthen the intensity and optimized the bottom of the shell (bottomshell) are designed to withstand a greater load. In short, cone crusher heavy-duty structural design to ensure that in the extremely harsh and poor working conditions, equipment durability, reliability and service life.

The biggest highlight of the new hydraulic cone crusher also is that the machine has a hydraulic adjustment spindle and trusted YIFAN  "smart broken" philosophy, with a hydraulic Pai mine mouth automatically adjust the system, and control systems to help improve the running of the crushing plant with a load adjustmentonline adjustment of status in the total load to ensure that the cone crusher at any time to maintain optimum processing capability and process performance.

The YIFAN production cone crusher machine, impact crusher, jaw crusher,  roll crusher has a long history of specialized design and production have to retreat team, share the same design platform, easy maintenance andsupport for our customers to provide pre-sales, sale, sale of one-stop service.

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