Efficient Cone Crusher Less Investment and Fast Results

Yifan Machinery is a professional manufacturer of crushing equipment, use of advanced design concepts to the SMG  hydraulic cone crusher optimized design from the new cone crusher, the most important applied to large stones factory and mining broken; efficient hydraulic cone crusherimprove the crusher machine production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expanded the scope of application of the crusher is a new generation of products for the mining machinery and construction industries.

Efficient Hydraulic Cone broken structural features: high-performance crushing cavity and the consummation of the high fragmentation frequency, making the Hydraulic cone crusher machine with greater capacity, because of the use of laminated crushing principle, it is broken products cubic structure to a great extent onreduce the the flakiness materials; SMG, high efficiency hydraulic Cone Crusher is simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, convenient nesting population adjustment, maintenance and saving time and effort liner easy quick replacement thereby reducing downtime.

Efficient hydraulic cone crusher crushing process in the fixed cone lining board and eccentric movement between the movable cone lining; motor through belt and pulley drive crusher white spoon horizontal axis, the horizontal axis by the gear drive to drive the eccentric sleeverotation; eccentric sleeve drive shaft to move the cone into the spin pendulum movement, in order to produce periodic relative motion between the eccentric swing the lining of the moving cone and fixed cone lining, making the broken materials in the crushing cavity by squeezingand bending broken; broken material from the upper mouth to feed into the crusher broken white spoon materials from the crusher the lower discharge opening discharge.

Mining machinery broken areas of concern for hard materials continue to increase, fine jaw crusher and crusher machine due to the rigid non-metallic materials, poor wear resistance, has been unable to meet user needs; compared SMG hydraulic cone crusher with its less investment, more and more people of all ages.

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