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As we all know, the iron ore is an important raw material for steel production enterprise, extract out the initial steps of the iron is crushing. Cone crusher better at public crusher crushing iron ore crushing production line, it is living in twostage crushing stage, iron ore hardness as does two broken back-breaking, wearing parts replacement cycle will greatly shorten the above medium hardness.

Cone crusher according to job needs to be divided into short-head type, medium and standard. Cone crusher in the crushing iron ore reason why more than a back-breaking in its working principle, it mainly laminated milled mainly broken, plus its wearable parts material, so overcome iron ore stone on superior. Cone crusher has many advantages, such as unique crushing chamber type, the reliable sealing device, hydraulic clean cavity system and easy maintenance. These are other crusher in broken iron ore are unmatched.

YIFAN Cone Crusher have hydraulic cone crusher, spring cone crusher and compound cone crusher into three categories constituted according to the comprehensive strength of the customers for its tailor-made to meet their own needs cone crusher.

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