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The application of the cone crusher, used for coarse crushing cone crusher, also known as gyratory crusher, gyratory crusher in large-scale concentrator typical coarse crushing equipment. Coarse crushing cone crusher and jaw crusher can be used as primary crushing crushing machinery, both compared to the coarse crushing cone crusher advantages: crushing process is continuous along the circular crushing chamber, so large production capacity, units of low power consumption, the work is relatively stable, suitable for crushing sheet materials, broken products more uniform particle size. When the factory's production capacity, a rough broken jaw crusher can not meet the production requirements, should be used in coarse crushing hydraulic cone crusher.

Coarse crushing cone crusher operation should note the following: should pay attention to the internal whether the abnormal percussion. Check the fasteners are loose, if any, should be tightened. Etc., will have to replace the fixed cone milling equipment, check lining for loosening and wear liner wear to a certain extent, nesting coarsening, the need to improve the moving cone to adjust the width of the discharge opening, liner wear serious or moving cone liner. Coarse crushing cone crusher precautions when working to improve the life of equipment in order to enable the normal operation of the device.

Fast and stable economic development; cone crusher should be fast and stable operation! Yifan Machinery reminded of our customers: the need to pay attention to the cone crusher run more than a few points, to ensure normal and stable cone crusher run! Improve the life of the equipment, cost savings, and to achieve the harmonious development.

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