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Diabase is fine building materials, to do building stone or workmanship stone, cast stone raw materials. Homogeneous, no cracks can be stone materials, plus fine-grained. Guizhou Luodian green "Linhai" malachite green ", Henan Wulong Green high-pressure grinding", "daisy green" fall into this category, because diabase high value in standing timber, therefore, This material crushing process to design reasonable, considering the investment cost of the broken items, must take into account the production costs of the production line.

On to diabase hard nature of the stone processed into stone building specifications, must be a solid and reliable crusher machine. Cone crusher with its unique structural design and superior performance in the field of crushing, crusher machine has become essential in the field of large-scale construction of the highway, railway, hydropower. Crushing operations often feeding and nesting grain size is divided into coarse crushing, crushed and crushing the other due to the high requirements of the general uniformity of the particle size of the discharge, the crushing operation than crushing operations, cone crusher in the entire sand role in stone production line Over the years, many manufacturers also demand that the continuous improvement of the cone crusher technology.

YIFAN Machinery SMH hydraulic cone crusher developed after the absorption of the world advanced crushing technology, widely used in metallurgy, construction, utilities, transportation, chemical industry, building materials industry, suitable for crushing hard ores and rocks above medium hardness . SMH series hydraulic cone crusher is a high-performance cone crusher, will design speed and stroke, as well as crushing cavity optimized portfolio to achieve intergranular laminating crushing significantly improves yield and product shape is also greatly improved .

YIFAN Machinery SMH hydraulic cone crusher in the crushing processing features, such as iron ore, non-ferrous metal ores, basalt, diabase, granite, limestone, sandstone, cobblestone high hardness materials. In the process of infrastructure machining aggregate, compared with other crusher, hydraulic cone crusher Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. unparalleled advantages: 1, reasonable structure, advanced crushing principle and technical parameters, reliable operation. Low running costs; has big breaking force, high productivity, high yield characteristics. 2, the hydraulic system is convenient and reliable, and can provide safe and effective overload protection. 3, a variety of crushing chamber, to adapt to a wide range of product size requirements. 4, hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic clean cavity setting, much higher degree of automation.

YIFAN Machinery SMH hydraulic cone crusher with a successful combination of high performance crushing cavity and high crushing frequency, makes the SMH efficient hydraulic cone crusher with greater capacity, laminated crushing principle, it is broken products, mostly cubic structure great extent, reducing the pin sheet material.

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