Basalt industry introduced YIFAN cone crusher in Xinjiang

Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang is located in the Tianshan Mountains, Xinjiang Midwest city. In addition to quality resources such as coal, oil, natural gas, limestone, gypsum, basalt formations of the Xinjiang region outcrops in this region to form a mineable deposit.

Aksu Prefecture in Xinjiang region the main source of railway ballast, as well as highways, provincial engineering, airport runways and other major construction sand and gravel aggregate sources, supply a lot of ballast stone used for the construction of the Eurasian Continental Bridge. Basalt is a hard rock, the hardness of 5.5-6, high hardness ore, not generally limestone crushing function to overcome. Limestone crushing, we often hammer crusher, impact crusher, in Basalt broken, we will find very difficult and abnormal frequency of replacement of wearing parts fast repair and replacement of wearing parts, its often to delay the production, it is better to something big, one-time investment introduction of cone crusher to reduce the high cost of production, which is the truth that we collected from the local.

The cone crusher is divided into spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher, YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher is the most convenient and easy to control, one of the most efficient crusher. Based than impact crusher  wear it laminated crushing, continuous operation broken much higher production efficiency than jaw crusher, crushing ratio, the material in the crushing cone and rolling acetabular intramural under enormous pressure, it is very suitable for hard rock crushing, preferred basalt gravel and sand.

Aksu Prefecture, also happens to reflect such problems, the introduction of cone crusher is the Akzo necessary step. The cone crusher near the mine crusher more and more, which is environmentally friendly crusher trends.

YIFAN machinery hydraulic cone crusher is the industry leader cone crusher, efficient and environmentally friendly green mining machine, an efficient basalt crusher. We will also increase the of basalt sand making promotion in the Xinjiang region, a force big for Xinjiang's economic development.

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