Efficient cone crusher promote the recovery of ore tailings

The use of mine tailings ore mining process often a cross between a mixture of mineral and stone, its exploitation and consumption of the cost of doing business but can not get good use. Mine tailings recycling project, YIFAN Machinery issued SMH hydraulic cone crusher, the SMG hydraulic cone crusher, SDY Symons cone crusher and other equipment, the cone crusher resolves the mine tailings, slag, slag, fly ash recycling problems and other very large projects, and tailings recovery of low output, energy consumption and higher technical problems.

YIFAN Machinery by absorbing the European advanced technology combined with the company's many years of state-of-the-art design and manufacturing of tailings recovery philosophy and market demand, after years of painstaking design improved the large tailings recovery equipment - SHG hydraulic cone crusher. YIFAN efficient hydraulic cone crusher is a high-performance cone crusher optimized design will speed, stroke, and crushing cavity portfolio to achieve intergranular laminating crushing significantly improves yield and product shape also greatly improved. The YIFAN SMG hydraulic cone crusher developed after the absorption of the world advanced crushing technology with advanced level cone crusher, has been widely used in the recycling of steel slag and slag, suitable for crushing hard over the medium hardness ore and rock.

Tensions global supply of mineral resources, ore tailings hydraulic cone crusher crushing process, in order to achieve long-term accumulation of large tailings development and utilization of both "turning waste into treasure, but also effectively ease the resource and environmental pressure.

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