The stone crushing plant has worked successfully in Sri Lanka

Recently, a set stone crushing plant which main equip with jaw crusher and impact crusher has worked successfully in Sri Lanka. The whole stone crushing plant was designed by senior engineer of Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery Company, Henan, China. It is used for crushing Granite, limestone, concrete, lime, gypsum, lime hydrate.

stone crushing plant in Sri Lanka

Stone Crushing Plant in Sri Lanka

Stone crushing plant is the technical strength of YIFAN Machinery, it has a high credibility and visibility in crusher industry. Especially the jaw crusher and impact crusher which has the world advanced technology has already become the first choice of most users. Because of the high requirement for manufactured sands discharging and output. As a general rule, it is necessary for customers to spend at least one million investing a set of stone crushing plant. So stone crushing plant manufacturer should guarantee the high performance to create productive profit for customers. Zhengzhou YIFAN will well communicate with customers in advance before designing for customers. The experts will customize a scientific and reasonable stone production line according to the specific demand of customers and production environment. We always provide customers maximum convenience with the most advanced technology and most perfect after-sale service.

impact crusher

Impact Crusher in the stone crushing plant

jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher in the stone crushing plant

YIFAN Company owns more than ten years production line design and installation experience, it can install mature and stable stone crushing plant expertly accroding to demand of customers. The stone crushing plant of YIFAN has the following features: high degree automation, big crushing ratio, efficient production, high capacity and easy to maintain and so on. All these features make sure to bring considerable economic benefits for Sri Lanka customers.

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