Gravel Production Line

Gravel Production Line

Gravel is rock that is of a specific particle size range from 2mm (0.079 in) to 256mm (10.1 in). Gravel rock contains cobble stone (64-256 mm or 2.5-10.1 inch), pebble stone (8 -64mm or 0.32 -2.5 in), sand stone (2-8mm or 0.079-0.32 in). Gravel rocks can be got from bank gravel, bench gravel, creek rock, crushed rock, crushed stone, fine gravel, leg gravel, pay gravel, pea gravel, piedmont gravel, plateau gravel, river run gravel etc.

Gravel crushing plant is contain various kinds stone crushing and screening machine. Firstly ,the gravel materials will probably be evenly entered the coarse crushing machine to proceed the main crushing .And so the coarse materials is going to be entered the impact crusher through the belt conveyor to proceed the secondary crushing .And the fine gravel materials will probably be entered the vibrating screen to make various stone specification .And particle size which have unsatisfied what’s needed will get the repeated crushing .The size of finished gravel may be adjusted according to the customers requirements. The whole gravel crushing and screening plant has different capacity because of the difference of crushers you select.

YIFAN designs best flow chart with various configuration of equipments to meet the different requirements of customers. This Gravel Production Line is high efficiency,low cost, big processing capacity ect. We will provide you the comprehensive service in the before ,during and after sales service. In line with the specific production site ,we are going to attempt to complete a best ,economic production line for the customers .

Gravel(stone) as the main raw material of sand and gravel plant, aggregate plant and the construction sand, more and more customers consulting firm gravel production line, a 20% reduction in the cost of investment than any other production line, YIFAN has 120 gravel crushing production lines in china, while exports to Chile, Argentina, Brazil, India, Iran, Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa, Russia, more than 80 countries and regions.

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