Lead Ore Crushing Plant

Lead Ore Crushing Plant

Lead is a soft, malleable poor metal. It is also counted as one of the heavy metals. Metallic lead has a bluish-white color after being freshly cut, but it soon tarnishes to a dull grayish color when exposed to air. Lead has a shiny chrome-silver luster when it is melted into a liquid.

Generally, a primary crusher is located at the mine site to reduce the ore material into particles less than 150 mm in diameter. Jaw crusher, impact crusher, or gyratory crushers are usually used for primary reduction. The undersize material are discharged onto a belt conveyor and usually are conveyed to further secondary crushing plant.

YIFAN is a professional Lead Ore Crushing Plant Equipment manufacturer in lead mining industry. We can supply many Lead Stone Crushing Plant such as lead jaw crusher, lead impact crusher, lead cone crusher, lead mobile crusher and so on.

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